On Sundays, the classroom is turned into “A Store”, Bookstorecommonly referred to as the Bookstore. Our shelves are full of award winning spiritual works just waiting for you to make your choices.


SOM-n-Creative-MagHowever, there are more things to purchase than just books — like CD’s of Sunday’s messages, the Science of Mind” and Creative Thought” magazines at the cashiers station.


Don’t forget to check out the fabulous jewelry at the Argenti Jewelry counter. I’ve been told that if you want “The Center’s” pendent for the holidays, NOW is the time to place an order with Mark as there are not many remaining. He will take your order and have it ready the Sunday you request.

We have just set up our Holiday Gift Fair that is to the back-right area near the coffee table. The shelves are packed with some unusual items from which to make your choices.


Throughout the year we showcase items produced Products121612by our congregantes. This Featured Products section is located at the “front” of the bookstore/classroom in front of the large windows.  You can purchase many items of interest which helps support the craft person(s) and our Center.

The art work in the lobby can be purchased at the register as well. A great gift idea Art Gallery.


We cannot leave out the social aspect of being in The Store. There is always coffee, hot water for tea, however, on occasion, there are other tasty treats for you. These are donated for your enjoyment.

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