You can now download and print our 2014 Membership Form here

If you like what you experience here, and are serious about learning and practicing the principles of the Science of Mind, We invite you to consider becoming a member of CSL Fort Lauderdale. It would be my great pleasure to welcome you into membership. We trust that our Center will play an important role in helping you manifest your hopes and dreams. That’s what we’re here for.

The only requirements for membership are a commitment to study the principles of the Science of Mind and practice them in your daily life, and to financially support the work of this Center. More than that, this is a commitment to living spiritually, to realizing the benefits of health, harmony, prosperity and creative direction that come with spiritual living. We would love to help you do just that.

Our Center is far more than a building. It offers far more than our Sunday services and classes. We have a strong cadre of staff ministers and licensed practitioners who do their vital, life-changing teaching and healing work through individual consultation. None of them receive a salary, other than fees. And they never charge anyone who is unable to pay.  Through their giving, members not only set a wonderful example but also have experienced the good it brings in their personal lives.

Prosperity through the Law of Giving and Receiving is one of the basic principles we teach. But giving is not for getting; it’s for growing. Those who give always seem to get more and give more. That’s part of the flow of Life. It’s vital to your life and the life of this Center. So we trust you will be generous.

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  1. webadmin says:

    Thank you for your inquiry. We are a non-denominational church and everyone is welcome. Our Sunday service is at 10:30. Just like regular churches, we do take an offering at the end of the service.

    Membership is offered for those who become involved and announcements are made regularly about that. Our Sunday congregation consists of both members and non-members as membership is a choice.

    I would further recommend that you go through the website pages for more detailed information.

    Dr. Arleen Bump
    Spiritual Director

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